Find Help Now Kentucky

Kentucky has a drug problem!

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors have an important part to play to to get drugs off our streets.  Another part of the battle is getting treatment for people who are already addicted. Too often in my years in the court system, I have seen people who are ready to seek treatment, but have difficulty locating a facility or program with an opening. If they don't get into treatment, they quickly relapse into addiction. The cycle continues, tearing apart families.

There is a new tool available to families, doctors, court officials and others to find treatment opportunities: It’s a website with information and resources to help someone in crisis or a dependency situation.

The website, a partnership between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the University of Kentucky, lets users search for and connect with treatment openings by type of addiction, age, gender, insurance, and other criteria. It was officially launched by Governor Bevin this morning in Frankfort.

Below is an example of a sample search based around a hypothetical man who is seeking outpatient treatment for opioid addiction, that will be covered by Tri-Care Military Insurance. The site is easy to use, and I hope it will help those in our community who need help for their loved ones or themselves.

Visit the link above and look around. Maybe you know someone who needs help with a drug problem. Please share this post as it could be a lifeline for a friend or family member.

Knowledge and information are the keys to finding help. 

Here are some screenshots from the website. 

Photo credit: University of Kentucky, College of Public Health