Message from my daughter

Hello Kentucky friends - if you are in, or have family or friends in, Casey or Adair Counties, I would appreciate it if you could like and follow Roger P. Elliott for Commonwealth's Attorney, and share it with your family and friends!

I'm biased because he's my Dad, but I think the choice is clear for Commonwealth's Attorney for Adair & Casey. My Dad has spent a long career serving the people of these two counties. As kids we knew that sometimes he would be at work late, and were used to the phone ringing at odd hours when people needed help (the phone became a pager in the 90s, then a cell phone; we even got a fax machine so he could sign papers at all hours). My bedroom  shared a wall with my parents', and I knew when the phone rang at 3 am, he would be off into town to help with an emergency. He took calls in the middle of dinner and the dead of night, and listened to everyone. He even took calls on family vacation at the beach. No matter how small their problem may have seemed to others, he knew it was important to the people experiencing it. He taught us the importance of listening to people, and keeping our word.

Being the kid of a public official means sharing them with the community (and we did - from church board meetings to school board committees to Kiwanis auction time to MCing Apple Festival pageants, he has always been in demand). It means being recognized everywhere you go with your Dad, and seeing first-hand how members of the community relate to him. I think one of the finest testimonies I can remember is one of the (many) times I was out with him in Liberty, and he exchanged pleasantries with a gentleman at the gas station. As we left, he told me "I had to sentence that man to 30 days earlier this year." But because he was fair, there were no hard feelings and he maintained the respect of the many community members he saw every day in court -- often on their worst days. I also think it's telling that he referred to the people he saw in court, including those he had to sentence, as "clients." He always saw his position as one of service, not power. Today we call that "servant leadership."

If you've made it to the bottom of this text, I appreciate your reading my story. Most importantly, please remember that this race will be decided in the primary, so tell all your friends to vote for Roger Elliott for Commonwealth's Attorney on May 22!