Sharing a few family pictures with you.

I am a family man. My family is everything.

Our church picture

My Parents and Grandparents
top...James and Maxine Coffey Elliott of Yosemite, KY.
left...Jason and Deva Dell Cox Coffey of Yosemite, Ky.
right...Luther and Eva Sims Elliott of Middleburg, KY

Our daughter and son-in-law.

Our son and daughter-in-law.

Our son showing our daughter how to do something "under the hood."


Our furbaby went to the Rainbow bridge a couple of years ago. 
We still miss him so much!

Yes, family too!

Helping with Christmas dinner.

Would you like my pulled pork barbecue recipe? Ask me. 

Can't wear a suit and tie everyday! :-)

My wife could not resist this one.

Way back when I was sworn in as District Judge, Jan. 1984. 

Home on Leave, with my dad Jimmy Elliott