Legal Career

Upon receiving notification of passing the Kentucky Bar the Attorney General's Office had me sworn in as a member of the Kentucky Bar so that I could at the same time be sworn in as an Assistant Attorney General by the Secretary of State, The Honorable Frances Jones Mills. October 1975.

 Roger P. Elliott and the Honorable Francis Jones Mills, Sec of State.

During Law school I clerked in the Attorney General's Office under Ed Hancock, and then Robert F. Stevens. First floor of the Capitol building in Frankfort.

After my father passed away we moved to Liberty, Ky in 1976 and I went into private practice for a few years. 

I became a Trial Commissioner for then Judge Paul Barry Jones. When he moved to the circuit bench I was then appointed in by Governor Martha Layne Collins, in 1984, to finish his term. At the end of that term I ran for and was elected the District Judge for Adair and Casey Counties. At that time the 29th Judicial District had four counties, with another judge covering the lower two counties. 

Newspaper photo after being sworn in.

Office in the Casey co. Judicial Center.

I served as the District Court Judge of Adair and Casey counties for 27 years, with only one challenger.  During those years I served as the Chief District Judge for the 29th Judicial District and as the Chief Regional District Judge for 22 counties. The last few years on the bench I was designated as a Mentor Judge by Chief Justice Joseph Lambert to act as an adviser for less experienced judges.

In the latter years of my tenure I was selected by Chief Justice Joseph Lambert as a Senior Judge to serve in courts across the Commonwealth as needed.

I took a few years off. But then I realized that I still had a desire to serve my community.

On November 27th my wife and I drove to Frankfort and I filed my papers in the Secretary of State's office to become a candidate for your Commonwealth's Attorney. 

The Honorable Alison Lundergan Grimes, my wife Sheila, and me. 

I want to ask for your vote to give me the opportunity to once again serve you, Adair and Casey counties. 

Giving you a choice!


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